Curator Marcus Graf

Georgi Georgiev / Jorrras | 17.05 - 26.05
Sevda Semer | 28.05 - 06.06
Martian Tabakov | 08.06 - 16.06
Kalina Dimitrova | 18.06 - 27.06

Gallery Collect opens its doors with Check-In as a curatorial experiment that goes beyond the form and concept of a traditional art exhibition for reacting to the powerful flux of Istanbul.

Every week, in the main hall of the gallery, one artist is individually displayed in a solo show. At the same time, the other members of the Check-In’s artist list are represented in a sneak preview while they wait for their turn to execute their upcoming solo shows. Furthermore, after the first exhibition of e.g. Jorrras has ended, Kalina Dimitrova takes over the gallery space while works of Jorrras’ will remain on display in the Check-Out section of the exhibition. This spatial transition continues until the end of the whole show. So, a strong flow of artists and artworks characterizes Check-In as its past, present, and future are intermingled through the merge of various vernissages and finissages.

In this sense, Check-In not only introduces Gallery Collect to the local art scene by presenting some of its artists, but also reflects Istanbul’s urban character as well as adapts to the dynamism within its cultural fabric.

CHECK IN 2 | 28.05 - 06.06.2022

Sevda Semer

Sevda Semer’s work is about text, history, narrative; the unfolding of memory and emotions; and the intimate relationship between art and the viewer in the time they spend together. Born in 1990 in Sofia, she graduated from the National High School of Ancient Languages and Cultures. While her early work is based on dealing with books, later, the artist also started working in the fields of drawing, and printing as well as installations, and performance. Nevertheless, for Sevda Semer, everything in her oeuvre remains within the idea of a book in the broadest sense. After a two year stay in London, the artist now lives and works in Sofia.

Check-In (4) presents paintings and drawings, which reveal how the body remembers, how a self is constructed and how an identity is formed. Semer’s works expose how personal emotions, and subjective perceptions of reality lead to emotional expressions, in which the spectator can build his/ her own individual reality constructions out of the artist’s fragmental compositions.

The exhibition also displays One Perfect Day, an extensive long-term project, in which the artist over the period of one year created a visual diary that transfers her thoughts and feelings that she had during 2017 into an appealing artistic matrix. Every day, she created drawings, where she constantly discovered new styles, and experimented with folding sculptures.

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28.05 – 06.06.2022

08.06 – 16.06.2022

18.06 – 27.06.2022