Georgi Georgiev / Jorrras | Sevda Semer | Martian Tabakov | Kalina Dimitrova

Check Out, which consists of the works collected in the waiting area after the Check In exhibition, meets the audience this time with a group exhibition.  In the exhibition consisting of works by Jorrras – Georgi Georgiev, Sevda Semer, Martian Tabakov and Kalina Dimitrova;  they trace and interpret the elements which were created by the curator and come together by establishing a new dialogue. Unlike the fast and dynamic curatorial setup of the Check In exhibition, Check Out is presented to the audience as a group exhibition in the gallery space as a final show..


17.05 – 25.05.2022

28.05 – 06.06.2022

08.06 – 16.06.2022

18.06 – 27.06.2022