Brandon Hendrick
Curator: Mina Öztürk

19.05 - 09.09.2023

Brandon Hendrick’s exhibition ‘’Transience’’ is a collection of photographs taken from a train criss-crossing Scotland, Bulgaria and Greece, which is the focus of his latest works.

His works in the exhibition are based on photographs taken on his cellphone showcasing how quickly and imperceptibly memories can be forgotten. Representations of real places, these paintings are devoid of the defining characteristics of a certain location. They exist both nowhere and everywhere, thus exhibiting idiosynchrasies beyond local or geographical locations.

The windows which frequently feature in his works generate an idea of a cohesive experience while simultaneously shattering it. His windows serve both as a doorway and a barrier to the outdoors landscape. In Brandon’s works, once boundaries are removed between spiritual and physical realms and the familiar becomes strange, what you see is the uncanny in the ordinary.

While exploring the significance of memory in delving into conceptions of home and location, the artist draws on his personal experience as well as popular culture. The home is the starting gate when it comes to investigation of the relationship between psychology and intimate spaces. Devoid of figures, these confusing and ambiguous interiors call into question the notion of home as a place of tranquility. While most of these interiors depict real locations, some elements have been added fictionally during painting.

These paintings which transcend the line between reality and imagination possess elements like windows, television screens and paintings that lend it a dreamy permanence.

Brandon Hendrick

Brandon Hendrick (b.1993, New York) is a Glasgow-based artist. He studied at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Virginia Commonwealth University before receiving his MFA from Glasgow School of Art in 2021. He has exhibited in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and is the recipient of a 2022 Hope Scott Trust Foundation Grant.