Wild Flowers

WILD FLOWERS Boris Kolev B.a.i.l.a 09.03 – 03.04.2024 Boris Kolev B.a.i.l.a typically focuses on the depiction of figures, but he takes particular pleasure in painting flowers, viewing this act as a challenge in itself. The artist acknowledges the delicate balance between emotion and design in portraying flowers, striving thus to reveal their true beauty without …


Brandon Hendrick
Curator: Mina Öztürk
19.05 – 09.09.2023​
The exhibition “Тransience” is based on photographs taken from train travelling through Scotland, Greece and Bulgaria, which is the focus of Brandon Hendrick’s more recent works. 

Phantoms 3

PHANTOMS 3 Kalina Dimitrova 15.06 – 15.07.2023 The works in this exhibition are a continuation of Kalina Dimitrova’s preoccupations with what she calls “phantom images” – a problem that the author works on in her latest projects. With the exception of one of the objects, which transfers the thread from the previous project to this …

Until the last drop

UNTIL THE LAST DROP Sound installation by Antoni Rayzhekov 11.05 – 10.06.2023 We owe our existence to water. Without it there will be no life, no people, no oceans, no oxygen. At the same time, water is a resource we daily exhaust, pollute, contaminate, with almost no repercussions. Water is also an information network, carrying …


POST-INDUSTRIAL BUTCHERY Valentina Sciarra 18.03 – 22.04 The act of eating is placed between tradition and innovation. It is tradition as it is made up of knowledge, techniques, values that are handed down to us; it is innovation as those knowledge, those techniques and those values modify the position of man in the environmental context, …

Quell is other people

QUELL IS OTHER PEOPLE is shaped around the fluid nature of the reduplication of ‘Einsamste Einsamkeit’ (Loneliest Loneliness) which Nietzsche uses for the development of his idea of ​​Eternal Recurrence. The word Einsamkeit (loneliness) can be translated as both loneliness and solitude. Although these words seem to be interchangeable, the nuance between them creates a big difference in meaning. QUELL IS OTHER PEOPLE is built upon this difference in meaning. It presents an experimental approach to the concept of loneliness through Akşit’s interdisciplinary practice….