Kalina Dimitrova

15.06 - 15.07.2023

The works in this exhibition are a continuation of Kalina Dimitrova’s preoccupations with what she calls “phantom images” – a problem that the author works on in her latest projects. With the exception of one of the objects, which transfers the thread from the previous project to this one, the works are shown for the first time in front of a public

The visible has been an object of interest for artists since at least the Renaissance to the present day. In the 17th century, Dutch painters attempted to achieve naturalistic accuracy in recreating reality as perceived by the eye, anticipating and developing techniques and technologies that eventually led to the discovery of photography.

The current series “Phantoms III” presents photorealistic scenes framed only in part, half, fragmentarily. The play of light and shadow on the surface of the canvas is continued by transparent plastics from Plexiglas, both reflective and reflecting in everything around. The imagination is invited to finish what the hand has begun.

The transparent material carries an illusory image of clarity, but its elusive boundaries and multiple reflections make us question what we see. The visible and the familiar become a mirage. The boundaries between fact and fantasy blur and shake the certainty of perception that always tends to make the world a familiar place. The series of works offers a double vision – between the visible, conditionally imposed in the course of history on the one hand and the lack of distance to the events of today and the difficulty to form a clear picture of the processes that are happening at the moment.

An old log found in the forest is the second highlight of the exhibition. In the places where roots once branched, melted by time, Plexiglas replicas of the lost real body parts now take hold. Phantom continuations of a past existence.

Kalina Dimitrova

Kalina Dimitrova was born in 1975 in Gabrovo. She graduated in Mural Painting at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia. In her works she tries to visualize the human relations that are expressed through objects viewed from a certain perspective, as well as create objects that contain the residue of human relations from near or distant past. She is currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria.