“Love and Intimacy – A Reverence”
14.10 - 01.11.2023
Elenka Nazarova


Collect Gallery produces projects that bring together artists, works and ideas that meet the definition of “contemporary” through curatorial selections and practices at its venues in the Tophane and Juma buildings in Karaköy.

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Collect Gallery supports contemporary art beyond the borders without being tied to a specific place and aims to establish new connections.


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Love and Intimacy – A Reverence

Elenka Nazarova
Açılış: 14.10.2023| 18:00

Solo show by Boryana Petkova

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Past shows


Brandon Hendrick
Curator: Mina Öztürk
19.05 – 09.09.2023​
The exhibition “Тransience” is based on photographs taken from train travelling through Scotland, Greece and Bulgaria, which is the focus of Brandon Hendrick’s more recent works. 

Phantoms 3

PHANTOMS 3 Kalina Dimitrova 15.06 – 15.07.2023 The works in this exhibition are a continuation of Kalina Dimitrova’s preoccupations with what she calls “phantom images”…

Until the last drop

UNTIL THE LAST DROP Sound installation by Antoni Rayzhekov 11.05 – 10.06.2023 We owe our existence to water. Without it there will be no life,…


POST-INDUSTRIAL BUTCHERY Valentina Sciarra 18.03 – 22.04 The act of eating is placed between tradition and innovation. It is tradition as it is made up…

Quell is other people

QUELL IS OTHER PEOPLE is shaped around the fluid nature of the reduplication of ‘Einsamste Einsamkeit’ (Loneliest Loneliness) which Nietzsche uses for the development of his idea of ​​Eternal Recurrence. The word Einsamkeit (loneliness) can be translated as both loneliness and solitude. Although these words seem to be interchangeable, the nuance between them creates a big difference in meaning. QUELL IS OTHER PEOPLE is built upon this difference in meaning. It presents an experimental approach to the concept of loneliness through Akşit’s interdisciplinary practice….

Beetopia II

Capitalism is incompatible with the survival of life on the planet.

Jean -Jacques Regibier

Beetopia 2 emphasises nature’s changing visions and realities while reflecting and shaping social attitudes toward the natural world. In the context of ecocriticism, it is aware that nature is not a concept but a dynamic reality.

Stepping Stones

Collect Gallery opens the new season with English artist Richard Bartle’s solo exhibition “Steppingstones”. Bringing three series consisting of the artist’s recent period work, the exhibition will be on view from September 14th to October 10th, 2022, at Collect Gallery’s venues in Tophane and Juma.


Stricken by the contradictive nature of everyday life on the streets of Paris – which the artist believes to be Europe’s most ambivalent city, with the project TOWNSMEN set as a unifying fabric throughout her time of artist-residency there, Elena Nazarova takes on two very contrasting routes
of artistic exploration, research, and representation, which deepen as she leaps into the city’s darker corners and nightlife, and eventually lead her to explore possibilities for the perfect object to protest the status quo while pleasing the viewer simultaneously.

Check Out

Check Out, which consists of the works collected in the waiting area after the Check In exhibition, meets the audience this time with a group exhibition. In the exhibition consisting of works by Jorrras – Georgi Georgiev, Sevda Semer, Martian Tabakov and Kalina Dimitrova;

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